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Delay on the Free People Recreate Projects

I am supposed to be saving money and I already have my Jinx Costume and props started and needs to get done by October so My spare money is going towards that.

If I wasn’t saving money I would do both but oh well. 

But I will still be doing the recreations of clothing from Free People, but I will probably start after October.

Besides, Fall and winter clothes will be in season then and they are always the best selection out of the seasons! ;) So I’ll post more I find that I want to make later of coarse!

I really Hate myself sometimes

I really do.

Like right now I feel like a complete loser who will go no-where with my life. I’ll make it JUST enough and never go anywhere. 

I mean even when Someone I live with said “I want to see you living a good life with a good home one day” and all that came through my mind was “yeah right, I will always live in some dingy cheap place unless I marry well” :( Coz its probably true. I’m not really sure I’m destined for a whole lot. and with all my personal issues and habits, I’m just doomed. I really want to change my ways but its not easy…I’m just gonna be another failure to the family..They see me young and full of potential but at this rate, I will be shunned from the family as well. the blacksheep :(

And honestly, part of the reason I dont want roommates and just want to get a studio for myself  even if it means two jobs is coz I’m not confindent in myself and its not like my roommate situations are/was turning out to be good experiences. I’m afraid I would mess something up again. If I fail I want to fail without bringing people down with me..roommates are actually turning into a slight fear of mine. and I fear I would be the stable one and picking up the slack for roommate. YIKES.

I fear of not holding a job and not being able to find one quick enough whether its because no-one is hiring and/or I’m procrastinating too much. and if I dont hold a job and that happens, I’m bringing people down with me, and I dont want that. I want to stand on my own two feet and fall on my own two feet. and I dont feel I will do good in life with roommates. Not enough motivation to keep from procrastinating.I feel if I have to rely on me and me only I will have to force myself to change. And I want that. 

But idk..sometimes, like now I just feel like a good for nothing loser. Cant keep a job whether its me or moving away or busisness closing down last minute(litterally).(mostly moving away and closing business). I have no luck on my side with jobs. Must be me, my moms, and step dads curse. 

But like Alex Days’ song “Jack and coke”, “I’m gonna go from person to place just to get what I need, coz I’m a wanderer and a wanderer I’ll always be.” —Yup. My life summed up whether I have a say in it or not. I would LOVE to be in my own stable living situation without relying on others. but no, not yet.

I’m gonna start trying to change my habits, but we’ll see how far that goes before I check in to procrastination station again :/

Finished reading “The One” in one sitting

It was a fantastic last book to the series. I couldnt put it down. Started and finished all tonight.

Loved it! <3 Kinda sad the series is done tho! I loved cheering and crying for America to be with Maxon. Now all I can do it re-read them. :(

I was comparing certain situations to my own life and seemed to be America while one guy was Maxon and the other Aspen. Somehow by the last book my guys switched roles. at least by the time I just read the last book tonight. and to be honest I dont even remember the the 2nd guy was a was comparing as Aspen. 

but one paragraph really put my thoughts and feelings for my prince. If you read my last Prince-y post you know the main details. but when reading this, it really comfirmed everything in one paragraph while Frozen took an entire movie :P

but this was it:

"«you were in love then?»

Shouldn’t I have been able to answer right away? Shouldn’t I have been able to tell her that I knew without a doubt that I’d loved Aspen? But now it didn’t really seem that way. Maybe it was, but time and distance made it look different.”

That basically how I’ve been thinking the last few months. exactly that. Can I send this guy this book series, and on that paragraph highlight it? I want to tell him but he wont talk to me. Think it would work? haha. I really want him to know so he wont fear me as the girl who fell in love with him.

These are 6 things I found on Free People That I would like to recreate myself (for a lot cheaper obviously).

Got all the info on each individual peice; description, materials used, the size they have for small so I can compare to adjust to my own measurements and still be proportioned correctly, and the color. And price so when I’m done I can greatly say how much money I have saved.(Probably hundreds).

They wont be to the “t” coz obviously I cant find the EXACT fabrics but they will be inspired by these and to get as close as I can to them :)

After I make them, I will post of coarse! 


Will you be using custom content for The Sims 4?

XBloodyDollX at deviant art created these mock ups of what The Sims 4 Sims could look like with CC and I thought it would make a great poll question.

Feel free to share your thoughts below and answer the poll question located in the sidebar.  What do you think?

of course I will! As much as sims 4 may make decent hairstyles and some amazing ones, there is just never enough choices in base sims and expansions. so yes I will be getting CC. plus I think that example made her look even better. especially the CC Makeup.

Created and prepared for my own created sims 3 challenge. There were so many Disney themed challenges and none were 101 Dalmatians, So I thought I’d create one! And I have.
And it has been hard, let me tell you!

But I’ve been going at it for a few parts and its coming together well now so I’d thought I’d share the most recent of the parts I have uploaded as of tonight. There is a new one for a scheduled upload for 2moro, but I’m So here you go!

And don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe if you enjoyed it! And with that, I hope you all like it! :)

Possible for straight to turn Curly? Yes.

So some of you may wonder if it is possible for your straight hair to one day be naturally curly. Yes it is possible. I’m not sure how often it happens but it is possible. 

Some may know and others may not know that your hair changes. I’ve heard that hair is different every 10 years.

I mean, my mom used to be a straight haired BLOND kid, not toddler, kid. And now shes Dark Brown hair Curly afro kinda curly. And my brother is 14 or so(I lost track) and JUST this year his hair changed. All his life up till now he was a dirty blond. Always. THats a LONG time to be naturally dirty blond and then suddenly change. But when I saw him this year, his hair was as dark as my moms. I thought he had dyed it. I mean its not like most kids where they are one color until 7 or 8. no, he’s 14 or so and has this drastic change. and it does look A LOT thicker too. Iwont be suprised if it gains curl like my moms in the next 5 years to be honest haha. 

but another instant is with someone I live with. I live with someones family right now and their mom used to have straight hair when she was our age. She said she always permed it curly. she hasnt permed in YEARS. It’s just natually curly now. without product styling.

So I rest my case if hair can become naturally curly from being naturally straight. I think it consists hair changes all the time on its own naturally, training it, and in some cases certain genes.

I mean even my hair has more of a wave then it was when I was younger. I’m hoping my fathers genes will fail against my moms genes and hair will curl :P Plus I perm my hair every so So I hope it will naturally curl from my moms genes or I hope I can train it to curl.

Hope this gave you all hope of the future haha. I mean my hair drys more curly wave now. used to be just large waves or straight.




i thought this was another long dumb post but OH MY GOD. just when you’re about to lose hope in humanity, something like that comes up..

​Never lost hope cause there are always those with humanity

I needed some proof of human kindness today. So glad I found this! 

this made me want to tear up :’) No tear actually fell but my eyes watered up :)

(Source: iraffiruse)

I’m like Anna from Frozen..Yay

It’s weird to think that just last summer, I was trying to get over a guy in my life and told him a couple months in of trying to get over him that “I loved him”

It’s weird how time has gone by so fast. That’s it been a full year. At least it’s been a full year since we’ve met and a full year since the tragic day he came over and gave me the bad news. That his ex has moved into town from across the state to be closer to him and has gotten back with her(since moving was the reason of the breakup solely.)Leaving our 3 month friends with benefit relationship in the dust(it was a serious relationship tho, we did care a lot for eachother; just bad circumstances).

but its been a year. A FULL YEAR. It’s crazy to think about.

but within the last few months I’ve been able to get over him and really see things in perspective.

The perspective of all that happened is the same. but my clarity on how I felt and why I thought I felt is what came apparent.

I felt the strong ping of love shortly before he ended it with me. where I was starting to think “I may love this guy, and I mean a general legit love.”

which was funny coz only two weeks prior I was getting this feeling that he stopped liking me and it was gonna end soon; coz thats what I’m used to. I was getting ready for the worst. Which was typical for me with every guy I’ve liked.It usually happened around that time.

But it didn’t. So I started to relax and enjoy our time together realizing it didn’t end like I was expecting it to. He didn’t get bored of me and move on to another girl like every other guy has done. From there is when I started truly opening up my feelings and let myself like someone with all I could.

Now, I’m sure you’ve all seen Frozen. If not, you really should go see it, its a great movie.

You know Anna right? The red-heading princess with the braids? I’m a lot like her I realized. Coz the more I watched it, I realized that I am exactly like her.

She never got to know any guys being locked up in the castle most her life away from society so when this amazingly cute guy comes around and shares a special something with her, she immedietly falls in love and gets engaged the day they met. Because she believes its true love. with the first guy that gave her the time of day.

THAT’s me. And I realized that, that’s what I did with my prince(And I call him prince for a reason; he literally looks like the real life version of Prince Eric from the little mermaid).

My prince was the first guy to actually even CONSIDER making me his girlfriend that I really had a connection with. I mean, I’ve had one or two boyfriends but one was in 7th grade(like ‘common, that hardly counts in adult life) and one other but he was kinda just the guy I enjoyed being with and was more of the “FINALLY a boyfriend after my 7th grade bf 7 years ago” guy. and there was never a spark between us. My prince was the first guy in my life that I had a huge spark with, was super attractive to me AND thought of me in the same way and even considered me as a potential girlfriend. So like anna, I fell in love. 

maybe it really was love, maybe it wasnt but it was the closest thing to it that I’ve ever felt.

But I look back on those feelings and I cant denied that it felt like love. But was it really? I mean it took almost a year to get over him. and the thing was, I’ve only known him for 3 months; I dont even know all that much about him. I know a lot, but than again, not enough. Not everything. Not even close. It may as well been one day conversation like Anna!

And I’m sure Anna now looks back at Hanns and thinks “yea, that wasnt even close to love, that was me falling hard for the first guy that came around.” And that’s what I’m kinda feeling. Although, she has kristoff now and knows what true love is and I dont have anyone and have not felt true love like she is, I still believe it probably wasnt real love. I mean, maybe it was. maybe it was at least a small form of love. 

But all I know is that I only fell for him coz he was the first serious guy in my life. I didn’t love him for any other reason. I mostly fell in love with the idea of being in love. In being in a serious relationship with a guy. And that’s not love. Not the love I want.

And I really wish I could tell him my self discovery. Coz in the process of telling him “I loved him” I clearly scared him away and even without me telling him that, I lost a good friend in my life and I’m still constantly trying to change that. and I wish I could ease his mind on it and allow me back in his life. I am fully over him in any loving way, but I am not over the fact that I lost a good friend. And I don’t have many of those so it hurts a lot. 

There are many ways me and Anna are so alike tho, but that’s a different

But just to compare Hanns and my Prince. My prince didn.t have bad intensions. The only comparison to them is their timing and that they are both cute. Otherwise, no where near similar haha. Just thought I’d add that :P

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