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Many Levels of Insult

So today, I asked one of my good friends if they would like to be roommates with me when I get an apartment(which would be a win-win for both of us coz we would have to pay less considering he is living by himself and paying full rent for a 2 bed house; and who doesn’t want extra cash on hand by the hundreds right?), and you know he said no coz he like having a whole place to himself. Which I TOTALLY understand. Plus his gf and him are going to move in together soonish anyway. ALL COOL. but he was like “if I did we would have to get a nicer place than I already have so have it about $600 between us rather than $400” STILL all cool. And I’m like Yea sure, thats fine, but they have to allow dogs. Big dogs. Coz I want to get a puppy when I get my own place(which he already knows from our last conversation)” but he said “well after last week and seeing the downstairs, no pets.”

So let me give you the back story on this:

I live with a family of people. A best friends family(because they were kind enough to let me stay with them so I wouldnt have to move around and get my own roots set up on my own, rather than never being able to hold a job because my parents move like every 3 weeks- 3 months)

and they raised their own Beagle puppy. and Now have adopted a rescued Beagle recently. So we now have TWO 2 year old beagles. BOTH not housebroken. In which ONE of those beagles is them to blame for not being housebroken yet. 

I dont try to train them coz its not my place to train them. they are not my dogs in the slightest. i just live here. and I have my route. I only ever go to my room to the kitchen and occassionally hang out in the upstairs living room with the family. I NEVER go to the downstairs. (like I will go visit emily in her room occassionally, but I dont see the downstairs living room EVER in the slightest.) 

And I would love to try to train them. WHY i dont, though is a different story. The “Mother” of the two beagles is kinda like the “crazy cat lady” in beagle form. she LOVES those beagles. Treats them like they were humans rather than dogs. they are SUPER spoiled. and they had troubles training their puppy to go outside and just ended up giving her pee-pee pads and towels by the deck door and use the deck for their outside pee spot. They never take them out. and even when the dogs beg to ACTUALLY go pee outside, they kick the beagles to the deck to go potty coz its too cold and thats already the thing with them anyway. 

and we have a gate so the first beagle wouldnt go downstairs and use the bathroom down there. but the new beagle knows how to know it over. She doesnt try much anymore, but knows how to), so when we first brought her home she would knock it over when no-one was around and pee and poo down there.

Now this is where the downstairs comes in.

So for a week the family left out of state for a week and it was my job to care for the beagles. 

So through the whole week, I cared for them, spent my days hanging out with them rather than in my room(where they cant come in), feeding them, giving them fresh water, and cleaning up after them and changing the pee-pee pads and towels. Which not only did I just changed the pads in that corner, I mopped the floors everyday between changings coz, I mean, come on why wouldnt I? they just pee-d indoors, thats gross. and not to mention the new beagle doesnt use the pee-pee pads, she pees where ever on the floor wherever she is at that moment she is standing.

but never once did they escape to the downstairs. the gate was never knocked down. 

but a day before they come back, I decide to do a deep cleaning of the house to make them come home to a clean house(even tho the house wasnt even spotless when they left to begin with; the house was clean but I wanted it to be spotless; clean vaccumed floors, vaccumed couches free of pet hair, ect ect.) so I cleaned the downstairs too even tho I never even went down there. it was the same down there from before they left.

and what I saw the night before was like 20-30 piles of poo in the downstairs living room. and it was late and I was tired at that point so I decided I would clean it before work. but I ended up sleeping late and ran out of time before I had to go to work. My good friend was also gonna come over after work and we were just gonna meet in town. and we did. so obviously no time to clean it up before he came over(like we would hang out downstairs anyway). but he ended up suggesting hanging out downstairs and I made a joke about the poo and had to show him how gross it was. and how I would need to clean it up first. so it was kind of out of the question coz I’m not gonna clean up like 30 poops while he was there, i was gonna get to it after he left.(its like cleaning your room when someone comes over to hang out, its kinda rude when you can clean it before or afterwards.and since I couldnt beforehand I had to do it after; and there was SO MANY its like equivelent to cleaning an entire room, its not like “hold on let me clean up this ONE turd and we can move one.” its more of “HOLD on, let me take multiple trips to get this cleaned up”

and after he left I immedietly cleaned it up and guess what. NONE of it was fresh. it was so moldy that the carpet underneath was green. None of it was under my week of care. That shit was there for weeks to months. 

and before they left to their trip the guy of the house went down there and came up and said that Alma(the new beagle) knows how to knock over the gate and she goes downstairs. but guess he what he SAW it and didn’t intend to clean it up apparently, coz it was still down there when I saw it. which when he said that, I had assumed he would have picked up whatever was down there, coz he usually does. (when he said that he as already sitting on the couches upstairs so how would I know he didn’t clean it up)

So let me get back to why I’m so mad about what he said. He said that if we DID hypothetically roommate together there would be no pets allowed because of the day he came over and saw what he saw under my care week.

Now I admit my room can be REALLY messy and I wont get defensive about it, coz I AM a slob when it comes to my room. and I will openly admit it. but my mess is only contained in my room, the rest of the house is never my mess in the slightest. I don’t leave my stuff all over the house coz I bring my stuff back to my room when I’m done in that room. it’s just my room thats messy.

but this is insulting me in many different ways. Not only is it insulting my slobbiness to a whole new level(which in this particular case I am not slobby about), it’s also saying that in me getting a puppy, I wouldn’t housebreak it. and another insult was saying that if it DID go to the bathroom inside I would just never clean it up.

Now I may be a slob, but I know how to train a fucking dog. and I know how to clean up after it. I’ve had a dog before. Infact my dog, Noodles, was housebroken, and well mannered and when I had to get rid of her(we had to move across the country to a condo that didn’t allow big dogs) the Noahs pound place gave her a test to see if she would make a good seeing eye dog and she passed; she listened to every command. sit, lie down, everything. and she never begged at dinner coz I trained her not too. she was a good dog. and I raised her with no help. and I’ve gotten a past border collie that had that ALWAYS barked at people outside and taught it not to not bark when he was inside and that dog was HARD to train on anything, he wasn’t the brightest, his mind was on and my first puppy, Mufasa, the border collie had a sickness and died after two weeks of having him. so of course he shit everywhere all the time. and I was the only person who clean it up(immedietely) and cared for him.

So when someone is suggesting that I cant raise a dog is very insulting when they dont even know the half of it and are only comparing my pet skills to the people I lives with dogs.

Now, I would love to try to correct their dogs training. but the mother LOVES them. no-body can train them when she is around. if you sound too harsh she practically defends them and gives them lovey dovey attention for being bad. and even if I was to try to potty train them properly it would be a waste because even if I got them to let them know they had to go and they would both beg at the door, they would still make them use the deck and the pee-pee pads coz they wont be consistent. and the beagles are ill-mannered. at least the first one. she will try to steal the food off your plate if you dont pay attention. ILL MANNERED. they are not trained at all. 

So my friend pinning me on on this indirectly is HIGHLY insulting. I dont think they realized they were insulting me on the training coz when I would defend on them not being potty trained and how its not my fault or not my problem, he was all like “I dont care if they poo, but I do care if it doesnt get cleaned up”

Like dude, no you insulted me in that way too. and I DO clean up after my animals.and if it was my own dog, it wouldn’t be pooing inside to begin with coz I would get it housebroken. and like with noodles, I would clean up the poo outside too immedietly after the dog went. 

but after him dismissing my reason why they poo inside and how its not my fault and him STILL acting like it was, I’m not even gonna bother mentioning how things were with my own dogs. coz like trying to housebreak these peoples beagles or teach manners; it’s pointless. He wont believe me when he “saw the poo for himself” assuming I saw it and left it there to build up over time.

This is a subject I may never forgive him for if he never apologizes. I will always be bitter to him about it. our friendship will never be the same again if he doesn’t. 

I had another friend tell me “Sorry, I don’t know how to convince him otherwise and be roommates with a dog”

I don’t want to be roommates with him after this. If he thinks that’s what I’m really like, then I don’t want to live with him. fuck that. 

its one thing to call me messy, coz I don’t take offense to that. I am messy when it comes to my room. 

but to just assume that THAT’S how I am also, I’m not okay with. especially when I am not like that. And I know how to train and care for dogs.

I’m pissed.

Gonna TRY to make my tumblr more active

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bananagosip asked:

Hey Alex, I was wondering what you do when you have lyrics in your head but you can't find the right tune to fit it? I've been working on a few songs but one just doesn't want to speak out, you know? Stay Golden.


I have a little folder of lyrics that have no sound, just odd lines here and there, but usually I find that if they don’t immediately find a home, they never do. Songs tend to form complete and all at once, so when I abandon a song after the first chorus or first verse, it tends never to get made.

same with me. Its “lost all hope in that song” pile. :P

How I won $1000 EVERY summer for the REST OF MY LIFE and blew it.

It was an old mini M&M’s contest back in the early 2000’s.

Give this a watch! And please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! :) You can follow me on here, but I don’t get on much anymore. I’ll try to start again tho! :)

Deleted scene


So I’m currently rewriting my book and I got to a bit about being ‘famous on the internet’, which I was writing about because I got recognised a few times when I visited Hammersmith tube station* and thought it’d be an interesting digression.

The section starts with this, which I’ve decided is…

I just learned some history haha. I even googled it. interesting I never saw the Americans version of it. Guess my no-body I knew wanted it haha.

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